Before the Treatment Begins – Know the Essential Signs of Trauma and PTSD

What is PTSD? Post Trauma Stress Disorder, commonly known as shell shock was initially recognized in the soldiers returning from the world war 2. Many soldiers, policeman deal with a strong feeling of grief, anxiety, anger, horrifying flashbacks day in day out. And since then these symptoms have been recorded as traumatic experiences.

PTSD BooksHowever, you will come across several PTSD books and clinics offering high-end treatments where the veterans are encouraged to discuss their experience playing in their heads in the session. Moreover, several companies include family and friends of the returning veterans so that their support turns out to be an added benefit.

Here in the post, I would like to mention a few signs of trauma and PTSD. Take a look!

We all have upsetting and stressful events/worries that affect us for a short and long period of time. The only difference is that those short-term reactions turn into sleepless nights, fatigue, irritability and so more. Week after week, the situation remains the same!

  • Most of the time you find yourself avoiding such thoughts, feelings or conversations, especially about the traumatic events. Besides, staying away from people as well as places for no reason.
  • A sudden loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed the most.
  • Feeling separate or isolated from others or withdrawing in groups.
  • Frequently having stressful thoughts and memories.
  • Physical pains and stress appearing all over again without any reason.

One should always know that PTSD can be caused by a range of different incidents including car incidents, violent assaults, hostage, natural or man-made disasters, terrorist attacks and so more. Knowing all the basic signs of PTSD will not only ease your PTSD treatment but even help you in returning to your loved ones quite easily.

Keep an eye on the space to get a better perspective on PTSD treatments!


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