ADHD books – Does ADHD Have Any Relation To Age?

What is ADHD? ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a common behavior disorder that affects from children to teens to adults. Now, does ADHD Have Any Relation To Age? No two people are alike and the same goes with ADHD; ADHD in teens is way different from that of an adult. Only an expert can say for sure or going through ADHD books, but there are clues at every age.

ADHD books
Now there are mainly three types of ADHD:-

  • Hyperactive-impulsive
  • Inattentive
  • And a combination of both

Each type has different symptoms and has the potential to change with the age.

How is ADHD in toddlers and pre-school kids? Little kids or toddlers always happen to be active so how to tell if one has ADHD? The behavior, their behavior all of a sudden changes to the extreme. For instance, these kids are running, jumping, climbing on everything. They cannot stand still and talk all the time. You can often describe them as on the go or driven by a motor type.

How is ADHD in children? In case you have already seen the early warning signs, you can go through several ADHD books or consult a professional for help. Besides, not all children with ADHD are hyperactive; you may notice other symptoms too, such as unable to focus or he/ she might have trouble in making good decisions, planning things, sharing secrets, taking turns, letting others talk, etc. A child with ADHD can be emotional, for example, if something frustrates him you will see that frustration coming out in no time. He basically acts without thinking.

How is ADHD in adolescents? As the year passes by, the hyperactivity tends to improve, but your child may feel restless and uncomfortable when it comes to sitting for long periods. Unlike ADHD in adults, Most of the adolescents are impulsive in the adolescents a teen with ADHD might go a step further doing all the risky things like the use of alcohol, drugs, lie, steal, unprotected sex, etc.

How is ADHD in adults? The hyperactivity fades away, but other symptoms may continue creating problems like being messy and disorganized, having trouble in paying attention, abuse, drugs, quit jobs on impulse, eat unhealthy foods and the list goes on.


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