PTSD and ADHD: How To Deal With PTSD In A Spouse?

PTSD and ADHD BooksUnfortunately, when someone is dealing with PTSD, he or she cannot go away with it. No matter how they try avoiding the situation- It’s always there. Now living with someone who is suffering from such dangerous disorders is one of the most difficult tasks you will ever experience throughout your life. The changes occurring in your loved one on the daily basis can be really worrying and terrifying. You may feel angry about what’s happening or even decide to break up, but trust me this will make the situation worse.

The overall impact of PTSD and ADHD on relationships

Till now I am sure you must have understood the fact that disorders like PTSD and ADHD can take a heavy toll on relationships. Understanding your loved one’s behavior becomes next to impossible- less emotional and more violent. In addition to this, you may have to take on the huge share of all the household tasks as your loved one seems to be less interested.

There are several PTSD books written by famous authors or you can consult a life coach himself. Besides, here I would like to mention a few pointers that can help you in helping your SO to cope with PTSD.

  • Provide social support- Most of the people affected by PTSD and ADHD tend to withdraw themselves from friends and family. You can help the person with PTSD  to overcome his/her feelings of helplessness, grief, and despair. Face-to-face support is the most important factor in a PTSD recovery.
  • Be a good listener- It is always advisable not to push a person with PTSD to talk. In case, they choose to share make sure you listen without being judgmental. Make yourself clear that you are pretty much interested and you care to listen genuinely what they want to say. While having a conversation just make sure you do not blame all your relationship or family problems on your loved one’s PTSD.
  • Take care of yourself- Most of the recovery books, especially the PTSD books recommend the supportive to take good care of themselves. From getting enough sleep to exercising on the regular basis, eating properly and so more. After all, you will be never happy if you hold on things that make you sad.

“The trauma is in your head don’t let it affect your heart.”



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