ADHD Books- Do They Really Help?

Have you ever visited the spirituality section in a bookstore? Do you really feel that a plethora of books can help you with any severe problem you can think of, be it PTSD or any other? Well, I personally do not believe that a book single handed can cure such problems. After all, we should not underestimate the power of therapy, counseling, medication, etc. Presently, one of the five of us is suffering from severe depression or anxiety, anger at some point in their lives. A book can definitely offer you an immense relief for a while – It seems like the dark cloud is about to leave that at one time seemed impossible.


First of all, you need to know the problem and then choose a PTSD or ADHD book accordingly:-

  • Generalized anxiety disorder- Most of the day, the person feel anxious and worrying about different things. These people have intense fear or being criticized, embarrassed or humiliated in a day to day situations like public speaking, eating, even in small social interactions.
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder- The person continuously goes through unwanted and impulsive thoughts, fears that lead to anxiety, depression, and nightmares. In extreme cases, a fear of germs can lead to constant washing of hands and clothes.
  • PTSD- Post-traumatic stress disorder can occur after facing traumatic events like war, rape, accident, witnessing a natural disaster, etc. Most of the PTSD stories include facing difficulty in relaxing, disturbing others, flashbacks to the events, etc.

Now we all read to know what’s happening around the world, isn’t it? No! We read to know that we are still connected with the world and feel less isolated. Reading a PTSD or ADHD book or any other novel is almost like escaping into another world for the time being. Above all, getting lost in a book is a good meditation.

So you should definitely try reading once!


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