4 Warnings Of Post Traumatic Stess Disorder

“A child is an uncut diamond.” And trust me, nobody wants words like PTSD and children to appear in the same sentence. Unfortunately, today PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) has become much more common among children as well as adults. Like any other mental disorder, even PTSD entails a few common signs and symptoms which should never be neglected, be it a sixteen-year-old teen or a toddler.

ptsd Books

Now children could have PTSD due to events that might have caused them or someone else to be killed or injured. Events like sexual or physical abuse, violent crimes, natural disasters such as floods, school shootings, car crashes, fire, etc. Some of its signs and symptoms include:-

Flashbacks – After they develop sophisticated language skills, you might find your child describing unexpected, intrusive thoughts about the initial trauma. And this factor might be pretty common for the first few weeks or months after a trauma. But thoughts continuing even after that period of time is PTSD.

Physical reaction – Apart from mental sickness many PTSD books reveal that your children might complain of vague illnesses like stomachaches or headaches. And the pain is very real to the child. Being an adult you may even discount the complaints as “all in the head” when in truth, the complaints are very real symptoms of PTSD.

A sense of future – Many researches and authors who have been writing PTSD books have revealed that most of the children affected by PTSD never bothered thinking about that as they expected to die at a very young age.

Self-destructive choices – These behaviors are often a direct, through unconscious response because most of the kids dealing with PTSD don’t think that they will live long. Henceforth, you can always seek help from the best PTSD books and counselors for better results.

So this is it for now! For more information and updates, keep watching the space.


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